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This is a new trend with salons popping up all over the United States that claim to be organic or herbal. Is labeling a salon herbal or organic misleading? Does that imply that no chemicals are used while performing treatments? Are there any regulations that restrict using these terms in your salon advertising? Let’s discuss this topic.

These are buzz words used for marketing that target a specific demographic. Anyone in the industry knows this is blatant lying. Even if one item in the procedure is organic it’s very misleading to say the service is organic. The weird thing is that most consumers that want organic or herbal products are going to be the kind that research and ask a ton of questions. These are not clients that believe blindly. So the marketing tactic seems odd.

Further more customers that want nails are doing so because vanity is important to them, those types of consumers generally don’t care about the risks as much as the results. This is how high volume shops get away with using low cost products.